social media marketing

Providing effective social media marketing promotions through dialogue.

There are 15 million businesses registered on Facebook, 3 million on Linkedin, while 97% of brands have a presence on Twitter. Yet how many of these companies are getting the most from the medium? How many have chosen to go social because everyone else has and therefore they think they should? Too many businesses enter social media blindly, unsure of what they want from the platforms and without the necessary skills to do so. Here at agency we specialize in clearly setting client goals (do they want new leads? to engage with their existing client base?) and then develop a unique strategy on the correct platform in order to achieve them..

Through careful analysis of your client's brand and niche we are able to participate in conversations centered around their industry, heightening your profile and ensuring you are seen by the right people in the right places.

We will write unique content, valuable to those with your client's niche, encouraging them to share it and further raise brand profile. Increasingly these social signals have a bearing on SEO and thus rankings will improve as a bi-product. We'll also make sure that your client's social profiles are aligned with their website, creating brand consistency in the design elements of social and adding the major brand badges and social sharing buttons to the home pages.


Many clients worry about handing over the responsibility of their social needs to an external agency-how can someone comment on our brand or converse with our potential customers when they are not within the organization? That is why we take the time in the initial phases to set strict and detailed parameters on what is appropriate and in-line with your brand and when the conversation should return to the client.


All our work can be monitored through our regular intelligent reporting and metrics, allowing you to make informed decisions on the future of your client's social media campaign.


There are not any other methods that are as effective for as little cost as Social Media. Your client will gain significant numbers of visitors and their brand recognition will grow. Let us at Agency SEO instruct you on how to help your client's company receive the numerous benefits that Social Media can provide, and how it can help increase their success rates. SMM is one of the most natural forms of marketing, it is inexpensive considering the returns and it compliments your client's other marketing methods through the ability to stay focused on the communities they serve.

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