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PPC Ads that Click and Get Clicked

With traditional media rapidly losing its market share to online marketing, paid advertising is becoming the primary advertising method for companies. When it comes to PPC, the overall rule of thumb can be broken down into three primary components: Research. Report. Improve

Natural search engine optimization is a PR-based, long-term attempt to sensibly grow and cultivate your company's distinctive brand and image over time. Pay per click advertising (PPC), however, should be handled like any other form of paid advertising: Delicately, and with a clear, quantifiable short- or medium-term goal in mind.

By viewing PPC and SEO as the Yin and Yang of search engine marketing, you can use both methods to improve on the success of all of your internet marketing. Agency understands that the goal for any company, especially those leading their market, is long-term growth.... not just clicks. Careful testing and research offers the highest ROI possible and is Agency's chief priority.

Facebook advertising, Adwords, Google Content Network, Google Display network advertising management... theyr'e all'part and parce'l of what Agency can bring to the table.


Still not convinced that solid PPC advertising is the way to go?

seoagencyPPC advertising can generate traffic the right away

The research, set up and implementation cycle of PPC campaigns get you deployed fast, as opposed to natural search engine rankings which require weeks or even months to improve rankings. PPC campaign results are immediate: the day your ad is placed - the clicks to your website start coming in.

seoagencyPPC advertising targets your core audience.

While print and traditional media reach a mass audience, it's next to impossible to target your message to a specific base. Pay-per-click campaigns exploiting geo-targeting, efficient keyword research, and demographic site selection allow you to hone in on your desired consumer with precision.

seoagencyPPC advertising requires a small initial investment

Google, Yahoo, Bing, don't charge a fee to place or run your ad. You only pay for the users that click thru on your ad's.

seoagencyPPC advertising is agile.

Ordinary search engine marketing or other forms of advertising can fall way behind an audiences fickle behavior, but with PPC, you can readjust campaigns in hours not weeks. That provides an unmatched ability to fine-tune to market conditions.


If you're not currently using paid advertising campaigns to their potential, its vital to employ a customized strategy to optimize your performance. Large campaigns need to be well planned and managed with care, attention, and keen application. PPC advertising might look simple on paper, but unless youre working alongside an experienced and qualified team that knows paid advertising inside and out you wont get the maxim benefit from your advertising dollars.